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Minecraft Support for Parents!

I came across a neat website aimed at helping parents with all things Minecraft. “Are your kids obsessed with Minecraft? Need to learn how to install mods? Looking for party ideas? Don’t have a clue what a spider jockey is? Well that’s what MineMum is for!” Click here to check out their site: MineMum Happy… Read more »

Zombies and Creepers and Ghasts, oh my!

Minecraft monsters are out there and ready to pounce! Fleeing from danger can be exhilarating but it isn’t for everyone. Minecraft can also be about building cool airplanes or villages or anything you can imagine, without the threat of zombies or poisonous spider attacks. For more relaxed creative play, switch your setting to ‘Creative’ and… Read more »

Girl’s Club at the PAFN!

Girl’s Club is an incredible club founded by Vicky Ryan. It’s all about inclusivity, friendship and fun! Girl’s Club is for girls of all ages and abilities (regardless of required supports or level of independence) with events ranging from tea parties to wall climbing, movie nights to yoga nights, talent shows and so much more!… Read more »

CBC Radio Story

Our little Minecraft Club was interviewed by CBC radio in their broadcast entitled “Shining a Light across the Autism Spectrum.” Here is the link to the full broadcast featuring various stories from individuals on the spectrum and their families. Our group was honoured to be included! Have a listen! Shining a light across the Autism… Read more »

Next Minecraft Club..

Our next gathering is on April 26th from 5:30pm-7:00pm at the PAFN (Pacific Autism Family Network) library space, 3688 Cessna Drive in Richmond. To register for your spot, click the link (we are capped at 20 Minecrafters) Registration Link

World Autism Awareness Day!

What a wonderful event! Thanks to all who participated and thanks to those who stopped by! Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

Minecraft Yoga!

My little guy loves this short but sweet Minecraft Yoga video. Check it out!

Welcome to the Minecraft Club in Richmond, BC

Run by a parent volunteer, the Minecraft Club is an inclusive space for Minecraft enthusiasts to come together and play! Our mission is to inspire connection through sharing tips, tricks and playing together! Who? All are welcome! Players should be able to log themselves in and have a basic understanding of the game as this… Read more »